Last wekan update is not working

Bug #1671205 reported by costales on 2017-03-08
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Ondrej Kubik

Bug Description


This wekan update:

root@snap:~# changes wekan-ondra
ID Status Spawn Ready Summary
63 Done 2017-03-07T17:38:00Z 2017-03-07T17:38:16Z Refresh snap "wekan-ondra"


 doesn't work because of this bug:

Steps for reproduce:
1. Open wekan.
2. Create a card, that card has as link
3. Click on that card: Bug, the webbrowser opens and not the IP of itself, then you have a 404 page.

Could you revert or update in the snap directory?


Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

just testing it here with latest 0.16 release and things seems to be working fine. I had this also working with previous 0.12 release candidates.

Can you please make sure you have setup correctly "root-url" key?
run $ for full list of supported keys.
Make sure you update value for root-url key
Other keys work fine with their default values, but 'root-url' key needs to be updated with actual ip address/url wekan is accessible on.
for example:
$ snap set wekan-ondra root-url=http://<ip address you are accessing wekan on>:<port value, default is 8080>
restart wekan server with $ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan-ondra.wekan

then when you click on the card details browser will be pointed to correct ip address.

I just tested this on my instance with $ snap set wekan-ondra root-url=
and it's working fine.
Please let me know if this solved your problem

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Hi Ondrej,

1st: Thanks a lot for your awesome support!

The version 0.16 is not working by default, but your workaround worked perfect:

I changed the wekan to port 8181 too:
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra port="8181"
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan-ondra.wekan

And everything is working now!

Thanks a lot mate!

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

happy to help :)

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) on 2017-03-21
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costales (costales) wrote :

The last update is breaking the wekan configuration:

root@ubuntu:~# snap changes wekan-ondra
ID Status Spawn Ready Summary
112 Done 2017-05-16T17:03:51Z 2017-05-16T17:04:25Z Auto-refresh
snap "wekan-ondra"

In the browser It's returning:

This site can’t be reached
<ip> refused to connect.
Search Google for 202 8080

Thanks in advance!

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

I would need a bit more info
what channel are you on, what revision?
$ snap info wekan-ondra
can you also check status of the services?
$ systemctl status snap.wekan-ondra.*

Also what was your previous revision? Check versions on your system:
$ ls -al /snap/wekan-ondra/
And also your settings:
$ ( you can remove there sensitive info like email binding)

There was problem with previous revision in stable, it was accessing wrong db, but it would still open welcome page so this looks like something else

costales (costales) wrote :

Hi Ondrej,

The test results are these:

Thanks in advance mate!

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

looking at logs and looks like mongoldb service is not running at all, which explains why then wekan service is not happy
in this new version I added options to disable mongodb service, if you prefer to bind it to database instance outside of the snap. Combination of your settings and condition is them skipping start of mongodb service.
Can you please double check if mongo process is running?
$ ps -aux | grep mongodb
Also check log from mongo service
$ sudo journalctl -u snap.wekan-ondra.mongodb
I have installed revision 54 here and then updated to 79, and it's all still working, so must be combination of your settings causing the problem

costales (costales) wrote :

Hi Ondrej,
This is the exit for your 2 commands:
Yes, appears mongodb doesn't start.
Best regards.

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

hmm, so mongo exits with error, all params look just fine, can you check if you have folder:

Also you can start mongo manually, to see if you get some error:
$ snap changes
find change corresponding to refresh to 79, then
$ snap change <change id>

What is your snapd version?
$ snap --version

If folder /var/snap/wekan-ondra/79/share does not exist, then create it and se if that fixes the problem

If folder exists, try to run mongo manually to get more logs
/snap/wekan-ondra/current/bin/mongod --dbpath /var/snap/wekan-ondra/common --logpath /var/snap/wekan-ondra/common/mongodb.log --logappend --journal --unixSocketPrefix /var/snap/wekan-ondra/79/share --port 27017 —verbose

costales (costales) wrote :

This is the dump:

Maybe it's a local issue, if it's working to you, don't worry then.

One question please, is it possible to hold this package for avoid its
future update?

Thanks a lot for everything Ondrej! Awesome support! A hug.

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

I think I have an idea what's happening here. Looks like you have already something else running on port 27017 on your machine. At least what I can see from your logs.
This would also support change between revisions, as once I started to use unix-socket I defaulted to default binding port 27017
remove old logs:
$ sudo rm /var/snap/wekan-ondra/common/mongodb.log

Refresh to latest revision and change binding port settings:
$ snap set wekan-ondra mongodb-port=27019
$ snap disable wekan-ondra && snap enable wekan-ondra

let me know if this helps
staying on old revision is not the option, we gonna fix it :)

costales (costales) wrote :

Hi. Yes! This fixed the issue:

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 11:48 AM, Ondrej Kubik
<email address hidden> wrote:
> $ snap set wekan-ondra mongodb-port=27019
> $ snap disable wekan-ondra && snap enable wekan-ondra

I have a snap running too in the same server, maybe it was
using the same port.

Thanks a lot Ondrej!!

Ondrej Kubik (ondrak) wrote :

yes, rocket chat is using default binding port for mongodb do that would definitely cause problem
glad it helped :)
I might change default binding port for wekan, as this might be more common situation.

BTW I believe rocketchat and wekan are using same user schema in database, and you might be able to actually use one mongoldb for both and share users between wekan and rocketchat
in this case you will disable mongoldb in wekan and set binding to mongoldb instance from rocketchat
I never tested this though, just implemented features allowing this :)

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