Comment 3 for bug 1207503

marmuta (marmuta) wrote :

Ok, not on startup, that's good. It's pretty much the bug as I remember it then.

Right, branch the development versions of virtkey and Onboard from our bazaar repositories:

bzr branch lp:virtkey
cd virtkey
debuld binary
sudo dpkg -i ../*virtkey*.deb
cd ..

bzr branch lp:onboard
cd onboard
debuild binary
sudo dpkg -i ../onboard*.deb

You have to install the dependencies manually, but you did most of this before already. Check debian/ if you need the names of all the dependencies.
"apt-get build-dep ..." won't work for installing them, since Debian doesn't know about virtkey and onboard.

Like before, you can still do "./ build && sudo ./ install" instead of building and installing the packages. If you can, I recommend going with packages, though.

I'm not aware of an easier way to remove the distutils installed files. If you installed to the default /usr/local, you'll have to remove all files manually. If you had changed the prefix to /usr before, you can skip this step and just let dpkg -i overwrite what was there.