Comment 10 for bug 1207503

marmuta (marmuta) wrote :

'GTK' mode receives pointer events (motion, button press/release, etc.) from the GTK toolkit, as applications are supposed to. This is what all Onboard versions before used. Problem: key-stokes may get lost whenever an entry has a popup list, like the firefox awesome bar, see bug #905636, for example.

Hence I cooked up 'XInput' mode. It ignores GTK and directly listens for XInput events of slave devices. Typing should still be possible in situations where previous versions where unresponsive or key strokes were dropped. We have used this for quite some time now, but there may still be the occasional hick-up, as you discovered.

I'm going to try to reproduce the pauses somehow. I'd be difficult to fix remotely otherwise. Would you open a new bug for this please? Just copy your descriptions above in.