OMG fails to register all trophies

Bug #632485 reported by Tommy Brunn on 2010-09-07
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Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा)

Bug Description

OMG seems to only pick up on some of my trophies, for some reason. It seems to be a bit random which ones are recognized, as this time it recognized 7 out of 9, but the last time I tried it recognized 4 out of 9 (some of which weren't recognized this time). The trophies are all generated the same way, so they should all work.

nevon@loltop:~$ ls --width=1 .local/share/omg/trophy/
omgwords-Amateur blogger.trophy
omgwords-Cursed fellow.trophy
omgwords-Lucky bastard.trophy
omgwords-Marathon man.trophy
omgwords-Mr Meticulous.trophy
omgwords-rPo typits.trophy
omgwords-Word junkie.trophy
omgwords-World-class typist.trophy

nevon@loltop:~$ lua
Lua 5.1.4 Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio
> require("luomg")
> t = luomg.GetTrophies()
> =#t
> for i,v in pairs(t) do
>> print(v.Title)
>> end
Marathon man
Mr Meticulous
World-class typist
Cursed fellow
rPo typits

Please let me know what other information I can provide you with. I'm using the very latest versions of both omg and luomg.

I will have to look into it.
This problem sounds weird, but will try to replicate.

If I need something else, I will let you know.

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When do you encounter this problem? When you copy-paste many trophies in ~/.local/share/omg/trophy folder
In yes, then probably it's a synchronization problem. I guess there is an issue of race condition.

Tommy Brunn (tommybrunn) wrote :

I don't copy-paste anything in there, but my program generates these 9 achievements one after another in rapid succession, so I would assume the effect is the same as if I was copy-pasting them all in there.


I just wanted to know how the trophies are being registered?

BTW I am trying to fix it assuming it as a race condition

Tommy Brunn (tommybrunn) wrote :

You mean how they're generated? Like this:

Then when I want to register a trophy I just do:
AwardManager:Register(Title, Description, Priority)

Here's an example trophy file:

The trophies are all written to ~/.local/share/omg/trophy/ just fine. It's just that OMG only seems to pick up a random selection of them.

I tried my best to re-create the problem. I tried copying 7 trophies via copy-paste, but still OMG! works without any problem and they are saved to the disk without any problem..

I then tried fetching those values via D-Feet debugger and again it still manages to work.

I had 3 trophies initially, then suddenly I dropped 7 trophies. Finally the xml file had 10 trophies.
Here is the OMG! log

manish@KillBox:~/code/omg/OMG/bin/Debug$ mono OMG.exe
Attempting to load the Trophies from the store
Successful in loading trophies from the store
DBus Registered: /org/gnome/omg/trophies
Found the file: /home/manish/.local/share/omg/trophy/Duke-Nukem-Newbie.trophy
Found the file: /home/manish/.local/share/omg/trophy/Facebook-Geek.trophy
Found the file: /home/manish/.local/share/omg/trophy/IRC-Junkie.trophy
Found the file: /home/manish/.local/share/omg/trophy/Launhcpad-Genius.trophy
Found the file: /home/manish/.local/share/omg/trophy/Quake-Newbie.trophy
Found the file: /home/manish/.local/share/omg/trophy/Twitter-Geek.trophy
Found the file: /home/manish/.local/share/omg/trophy/Zeitgeist-Hacker.trophy
Data flushed to store
Data flushed to store
Data flushed to store

When I try to fetch the file via DBus, I am getting all the 10 trophies. Weird. Please try it via D-Feet instead of luomg

Tommy Brunn (tommybrunn) wrote :

Tried it yet again, and this time on another computer. There's 13 trophy files in .local/share/omg/trophy/ and yet GetTrophies only returns 9 of them, regardless of whether I use luomg or d-feet. Interestingly enough it also refuses to award me some trophies, even though they are in trophies.xml and are returned by GetTrophies.

I just setup OMG on my laptop. I am still able to get all the trophies. Still not able to find the problem in fetching the trophies.

BTW I faced the race condition. I put all the 10 trophies at once. OMG! picked all 10 of them but saved only the first. Will fix this problem.

I will talk to people in zeitgeist team to try to replicate this problem of getting less trophies than what is actually registered.

Plus I will make the daemon output even more verbose so that you can see where the problem is.

Tommy, one more thing

>>Tried it yet again, and this time on another computer. There's 13 trophy files in .local/share/omg/trophy/ and yet GetTrophies only returns 9 of them, regardless of whether I use luomg or d-feet

Case 1:
You mean to say that even though you have 13 trophies in .local/share/omg/trophy/ and only 9 are returned? You need to check .local/share/omg/trophy/trophies.xml file to see if all 13 are present or not. If more than 9 are present and GetTrophies returns 9, then it is a problem with the API. (Implementation of Fetch)

Case 2:
If there are 13 trophies in .local/share/omg/trophy/ and only 9 of them exist in trophies.xml and 9 of them are returned via GetTrophies then it is a problem with the way Trophies are registered. (Implementation of Registration)

Can you check and tell which problem you facing? Case 1 or Case 2?

Tommy Brunn (tommybrunn) wrote :

Sorry for not being clearer. trophies.xml only contains 9 trophies, so we're dealing with case #2 here.

I can confirm that it is a problem of synchronization (Parsing and saving of trophies should be critical section and only one thread should be allowed to access it)

Even I tried and am able to replicate Case 2.

Thanks Tommy. Will be fixed ASAP

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I was able to replicate this issue both on my desktop and laptop.

NOw I fixed this issue in commit 62. Please try getting the code, cleaning the trophy folder, deleting the trophies.xml file
Now run omg daemon and register many trophies (say 10-15) and then check the daemon log. It is now even more verbose

Then check the created trophies.xml file. It should contain all the trophies.

I have tried this is on my desktop and laptop both. It fixes the problem.

Please let me know if it fixes the issue.

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Tommy Brunn (tommybrunn) wrote :

I can confirm that this does indeed solve the problem. All trophies were registered and successfully awarded!

The issue has been fixed.

ATM, there are no show-stopper bugs for release "0.1 inception"

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