Comment 9 for bug 1792077

melanie witt (melwitt) wrote :

Thanks Ben, that's helpful.

Historically, we have let libvirt autogenerate the address tag (and thus avoided issues like this) and AFAIK the 'virtio-scsi' manipulation of the disk unit number [1] is the first time we started setting any of it manually.

If we're not setting the unit for the disk address, we shouldn't be setting the address tag at all, but we are. I'm not 100% sure how/where that's happening. I think it might be from what's included in this commit:

If there's a way to avoid setting the address tag manually unless 'virtio-scsi' (and keep in line with the original intent of the unit number setting), then I think that's what we want to do to fix it. But I don't yet know if that's possible.