Comment 1 for bug 1718226

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit c4fadfd4d290f1083ab520aed920eeff552e15c4
Author: Balazs Gibizer <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 13 14:06:13 2017 +0200

    use already loaded BDM in instance.<action>

    In I18e7483ec9a484a660e1d306fdc0986e1d5f952b BDM was added to the instance
    notifications. In general to add BDM to the payload an exta DB query is
    needed. However in some places the BDM is already separately before the
    notify_about_instance_action is called to send the notification. In this cases
    loading the BDM again is unnecessary as the already loaded BDM can be reused.

    This patch makes sure that notify_about_instance_action is called with the
    already loaded BDM. There will be subsequent patches to do the same with
    other notify calls.

    Change-Id: I391554d3904a5a60b921ef4714a1cfd0a64a25c2
    Related-Bug: #1718226