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Bug #1852221: ovs-vswitchd needs to be forced to reconfigure after adding protocols to bridges Undecided New 6 weeks

From: Edward Hope-Morley
Link: lp1852221-eoan-train.debdiff


Bug #1796703: HA router interfaces in standby state Undecided New 92 weeks

From: Andrii
Link: neutron-full.log

file contains logs from neutron-l3-agent.log, neutron.log , neutron-server.log files

Bug #1753757: connection on Neutron Bridge Undecided Incomplete 123 weeks

From: Atif

By executing this patch on devstack, It block all such attachments.

Bug #1734320: Eavesdropping private traffic High Fix Committed 131 weeks

From: Ihar Hrachyshka
Link: 0001-Create-new-ovs-ports-with-dead-vlan-tag.patch

os-vif tagging new ovs port with dead tag

Bug #1718509: python paste dumping raw input Undecided New 147 weeks

From: Marc Deslauriers
Link: lp1718509.patch

proposed fix

Bug #1669482: fwaas: firewall rules not applied on L3 agents reboot in case of neutron-fwaas outage Undecided Confirmed 176 weeks

From: Bertrand Lallau
Link: fwaas.patch


Bug #968696: "admin"-ness not properly scoped Undecided Triaged 176 weeks

From: Marc Heckmann
Link: neutron_req_context.patch


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