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Rodolfo Alonso (rodolfo-alonso-hernandez) wrote :

In LP#1821058, a new parameter was defined for each mechanism driver, the "connectivity". That provides a way to define what type of driver is. For example, SRIOV, Linux Bridge, OVS or OVN are "l2" drivers. Calico is "l3" only. The default value is "legacy".

In [1], a check for ports without IP addresses. Those kind of ports can only be bound to "l2" drivers.

In [2] I changed the "vif_details" dictionary to populated the two sub-dicts under "ovs" and "vhostuser". The problem is that check [1] cannot be done because the "connectivity" parameter in not a key in "vif_details" anymore.

A more robust way to check the mech driver connectivity must be implemented, rather that adding it to a dictionary, "vif_details", that has not a defined structure.