Comment 0 for bug 452468

Mythbuntu 9.10 beta i386

If it's important, setting up a DVB-S capture card.

In Backend Setup, hit 'enter' on the 'Video Sources' menu item.

When in the Video Sources menu, if you cursor up from the default 'Finish' button, after going through 'Back' and 'Cancel' the highlight disappears, no menu item is selected, but in the space at the bottom where the explanatory text is displayed, you get

[B]" Run xmltv configure command"[/B]
Up again gives you, again no menu highlight and the following
[B]"If this is enabled, the guide data will be updated with listing data provided by the channels themselves 'over the air'"[/B]

These two repeat, in turn, for 24 cycles, then the highlight appears again and continues up the screen to the top, whereby it loops back to the bottom. If you hold down the key, this sequence will continue, looping round the screen, but stopping for 48 keypresses each time at the same point. This happens when going either up or down, and is completely consistent, It is as if there are 48 'phantom' menu items hidden at the bottom of the screen.