Comment 12 for bug 1011002

jus (jus) wrote :

Some feedback to mutils patch from #11:
Too much options. I dont see the point in having even more dropdown menus a user can choose from - and get lost in. The additional "Apply "botton only for the skin settings does not make much sense when all the other settings in the Interface pane are applied with the "OK" button bottom right. Some users likely not know or dont care about screen resolution, so it might be not clear to them why some of the items in the list have a different color.

What about this :
* Leave the skin-selector combo-boxes at its current state (trunk)
* Display a standard "attention" icon in front of the name of the selectable skins if skinsize>screensize. The name of the skins in question should be displayed in the same color than the rest.
* Display warning text below the skin-selector combo-box menu if there are skins in the list where skinsize>screensize. Text explains briefly explains why some skins have the attention icon and what it means to the user.

The default skin for resolutions below 1280x800 should not be Outline1024x600-Netbook. It is a skin which lack various features which we promote (sampler,mic) but wont be in there, see lp:921174. Better go with one of the full featured Shade* skins.