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Bug #1011002 reported by Daniel Schürmann on 2012-06-09
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The default skin Deree 1280x1024 is too big for netbooks.
This default skin is not selected when open preferences in any case.

Should select a default skin fitting best to the display resolution.

Max Linke (max-linke) wrote :

I'd like the 1280x800 resolution as default. This should be supported by most modern laptops/netbooks and looks nice.

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Unfortunately my netbook has a 1024x600 resolution an its difficult to switch the Skin from the 1280x1024, at lest when you use Mixxx the fist time on this device, which is true for this case.
Also I know at least one DJ how uses his old 1024 x 786 Notebook for DJ-ing because he is afraid for beer showers.

What about:
Deree 1280x1024 default for 1280x1024 Displays and above
and the matching outline Skin for smaller displays?

jus (jus) wrote :

The current default skin is Deere1280x800-WXGA which is obviously to big for a small percentage of screens.

I would prefer the more elegant "Skin picker" solution as proposed by RJ. On first start up the user can choose from a set of available skins while a recommended skin based on screen size is auto-selected. See lp:997278

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

In generally I agree. But this will be more work and unlikely ready for 1.11.
The skin picker also needs a default.
What about preparing the small "Default" solution for 1.11 and introduce the skin picker when its available?

Maxime Bochon (maxime-bochon) wrote :

Why not use QApplication::desktop()->screenGeometry() to check wether the current skin is not too big, then if it does propose the user to set a smaller skin?

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Hi Maxime,

Good Idea!
.. but checking the current skin against the display resolution is a different aspect. This can be done as part of Bug #997278, when we have min-resolution in the skins meta data.

This original bug is only an issue for the very fist start of Mixxx, when no skin is selected an Mixxx picks the default skin.
I will prepare a hard coded solution for this case, following the rules in #2

By the way:
This discussion would be obsolete if we have re sizable skins.

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mutil (mutil) wrote :

Hi Daniel,
I am also working on it, trying to implement an additional resolution combobox binded to the skin combobox which will then show only the available skins for the selected resolution. We can take the sizes of skins based on a regexp of the filenames as all skins follow the same pattern. I think we can default to the maximum resolution the user's PC is able to operate taken from QApplication::desktop()->screenGeometry() as Maxime suggested. The rest resolutions should still be selectable but in a different color maybe.

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Attached you will find a patch as described in #6.
A thin solution, intended to take place in 1.11.

@mutil, I hope it will fit to your work!

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :
mutil (mutil) wrote :

Here is a patch, including Daniel's one, that splits resolution from skin and "recommends" resolutions.
Daniel, if you think it is too much for the current bug, close it after commiting just your patch and I will fill a new one.

mutil (mutil) wrote :

And here is a screenshot of what it looks like.
Instead of red text we can easily display a warning icon.

jus (jus) wrote :

Some feedback to mutils patch from #11:
Too much options. I dont see the point in having even more dropdown menus a user can choose from - and get lost in. The additional "Apply "botton only for the skin settings does not make much sense when all the other settings in the Interface pane are applied with the "OK" button bottom right. Some users likely not know or dont care about screen resolution, so it might be not clear to them why some of the items in the list have a different color.

What about this :
* Leave the skin-selector combo-boxes at its current state (trunk)
* Display a standard "attention" icon in front of the name of the selectable skins if skinsize>screensize. The name of the skins in question should be displayed in the same color than the rest.
* Display warning text below the skin-selector combo-box menu if there are skins in the list where skinsize>screensize. Text explains briefly explains why some skins have the attention icon and what it means to the user.

The default skin for resolutions below 1280x800 should not be Outline1024x600-Netbook. It is a skin which lack various features which we promote (sampler,mic) but wont be in there, see lp:921174. Better go with one of the full featured Shade* skins.

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Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Hi mutil,

Thank you for your patch! I think it will be usefull, especially for new users.
I agree to Jus comments.
Please note, that with this patch it is reqired to have the resolution in the skin Folder name and not in the skin metadata.
I for me it is OK!

mutil (mutil) wrote :

Hi Jus,
Thanks for your feedback. I will prepare a new patch with your suggestions.
I agree it's too much options and a warning icon with some text explaining is preferable to colored text.
The only thing I find not logical with the way it is now, is that ok/cancel buttons means nothing in regard to skin&scheme change. I mean the config is changing upon activation of the combobox and pressing cancel afterwards & closing mixxx will still save the skin. OTOH, a 'tick' button(the apply) can be rather confusing as you mentioned, so unless another proposal exists, I will leave it to the current state of trunk and maybe we revise it again when a preferences window cleanup occur.

jus (jus) wrote :

As you said, the current skin combo-box behavior in trunk is not really consistent with the rest of the available options . But for rapidly flipping trough the available skins it is nice to have. Good when testing skins, saves time.

I would also tend to leave the box like it is for now.

mutil (mutil) wrote :

Made a new patch which just displays a warning label if selected skin is bigger than screen resolution.
Default skin for resolutions below 1280x800 changed to ShadeDark.

Jus, I 'm not sure I have understand completely the part about icons. You mean to have an icon for each skin in the combobox list or only for the one currently selected? If the former, we 'll have to put either a transparent icon for padding in the rest items or another icon to signify it's ok, as the list is not sorted and it will look messy. Also, the warning label should always be visible if there are skins bigger than resolution in the list or show it only after you have selected such a skin?

mutil (mutil) wrote :

...and the warning icon I used.

Daniel Schürmann (daschuer) wrote :

Hi mutil,
Thank you very much for your patch.
I have tested it with success on my netbook running Ubuntu Lucid.
I thing the current solution suites well to 1.11 and the original problem.
The rest can be done later in a skin picker solution with making use of the skins metadata.
Jus, do you agree?

jus (jus) wrote :

Thanks for the updated patch mutil, works like a charm.
To answer your question from #16:

* The idea was that the warning label is only be visible after you have selected a too-big skin. Perfect as it is now.
* Although the list is not sorted, i would expect to have the warning icon displayed in front of the skin name if its too big. This prevents that a user flips trough the list only to be presented with an unexpected warning.

The meaning of the icon should be apparent to the user after the first display of the warning label below the list. We provide a visual connection because we also display the icon there. You are probably right that it might looks messy, but we dont know if we dont try. Might be a detail but IMO worth to add if it`s not too much additional work.

Absolutely, this is a good solution for 1.11.

mutil (mutil) wrote :

Newer patch (I hope the lucky one) that adds icons to combobox.
Besides warning icon, I used a qt's standard icon to signify that skin is "ok" and to align the items.

mutil (mutil) wrote :

An alternative warning icon that I see more fit.

RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) wrote :

Thanks mutil -- I've committed your patch.

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RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) wrote :

Oops -- just realized your patch was based on Daniel's. Thank you both for your work on this bug!

Also, mutil -- what's the source of your warning icon? Is it available under a free license (public domain, creative commons, etc.?)


mutil (mutil) wrote :

Hi rryan,
Yes, the second icon I attached is under public domain.

Great -- thanks.

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 12:55 PM, mutil <email address hidden> wrote:

> Hi rryan,
> Yes, the second icon I attached is under public domain.
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RJ Skerry-Ryan (rryan) on 2013-05-09
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