Comment 41 for bug 653619

Jeremy Lakin (jaylakes) wrote :

If the distro-war rhetoric is done, can we please have a definitive answer to whether this is actively being worked on for maverick?
I have my own reasons to staying with Ubuntu as my distro of choice. I won't bother fueling the fire with what those are, but I will ask that the developers please respond with a "yes, we're working on it, as demand has been deemed high enough to make this worthwhile" or a simple "Wait for the next Ubuntu release, as it simply isn't stable enough to introduce even into a non-LTS release"

I don't really need anything more than that. While additional explanations would be welcome, I just want to know if I'm waiting a few more months for a backport, or another year for the next LTS release.

Leaving the status as "Unassigned" and "Unknown" only leaves those of us looking for a hint at the outcome of this work frustrated at what we may be mistaking for complacency. I'm sure you're all well aware of what this backport could mean for those of us who are actively resisting a redmond OS, and wouldn't backburner this backport request without excellent reasons. But please, respect the devotion that so many on this thread have shown to Ubuntu by at least being honest and telling us if we're holding our breath for nothing.