Comment 33 for bug 653619

Enbie (noelb-ausics) wrote :

@HelderPereira Completely agree, the fanboi's really are boring aren't they

@Omer Akram Stop being a fanboi, if you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this, which you don't by your comments, then please, will you stop spamming.

now, in general..
If it is added into backports with changes then people using backports are aware of the risks, its not like it is going in to the mainstream repo.

It is a bout time ubuntu lost the debian mentality of using outdated products for new releases, if oit works for RedHat, no need it wont work on ubuntu.

And yes, the number of severe problems known about 10.04's evolution, is large, and resolved upstream some time ago. It makes using it in commercial situations , well, not suitable.