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Submitter: "Robert Lyon <email address hidden>"
Branch: 22.04_DEV

commit 1fdcab8d8227a7d3c0bb7fb20e2df420fd142a65
Author: Adam Bark <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 19 15:18:16 2022 -0500

Bug 1960573: Update institution roles on login with SAML

If a user is given a role on the IdP that should give them a role in a
Mahara institution such as institution staff or admin make sure they
have that role in Mahara.

Change-Id: I4426cfbd675b22b102ecf87fdd5037f3cdce3c3e
(cherry picked from commit 5515b0194e18a1d87283ce28809d2ef4f0d4b390)