Comment 2 for bug 1381719

Aaron Wells (u-aaronw) wrote :

Hi Dirk,

Good point. The help icon we're referring to is way up next to the "Edit access" page title, nowhere near where we tell the user "Click the help icon". It also has a lowercase "i" on it instead of the word "help" or a question mark. If I were to look at it, I would assume the "i" is for "information" and call it an "information icon" rather than a "help icon".

So our options are:

1. BEST: Put a link there that will expand the help text as if you'd clicked on the help icon. I'm not sure at first glance whether our help icon code really robustly supports that, though.

2. GOOD: Change the text to give the user a better clue what they're looking for. BUT with some caveats! For accessibility, the text has to make sense to screen-reader users (the current text more or less does, because the icon has the title attribute "Help"). And we can't say "the button with the i on it" because the button's appearance may change depending on the theme. Perhaps something like "the help icon next to the 'Edit access' page title".

3. NOT AS GOOD: Just delete the line about clicking the help icon entirely. It's a common thing throughout Mahara that clicking one of those things provides information.

Those are things to fix this message for Mahara 1.10.0.

In the longer run... I'd say that for this page, we should get rid of the help paragraph entirely. Probably no one is reading it. Replace it with a more prominent "Help!" link. And maybe, if a page is not yet shared with anyone, a notice that says "This page is not yet visible to anybody".

Also, we should get rid of that "shall" in the sentence, "On this page you decide who shall have access to them besides you." It doesn't read well to my American-English eyes, so it'd be an easy win to replace it with something more internationally acceptable.