Comment 1 for bug 779881

Evan Broder (broder) wrote :

In order to ensure a working upgrade path, libdist-zilla-perl would need to be backported to both lucid and maverick.

I've uploaded test backports of libdist-zilla-perl for both lucid and maverick to my PPA ( Please verify that the build completes successfully, that the resulting backported package can be installed, and that the package runs (or trivial functionality works) for all target releases.

Additionally, libdist-zilla-perl has 3 reverse-dependencies in maverick:
> mingo:~ evan$ schroot -c maverick-amd64 -- apt-cache rdepends libdist-zilla-perl
> libdist-zilla-perl
> Reverse Depends:
> libdist-zilla-plugin-podweaver-perl
> libdist-zilla-plugin-podweaver-perl
> libconfig-mvp-perl

Please verify that each of these 3 packages still works with the new version of libdist-zilla-perl.

Once the verification has been completed, you can change the status of the bug to "Confirmed"