Comment 8 for bug 570613

Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) wrote :

Right, so there are a couple of things to think about, Teams name their events, and teams come under regions, so for example using my team here.

I'd look under Europe as well looking under USA, or Asia is going to be of no use to me .
I then look at Ireland and find an event 10.10.10.- Dublin event. That to me is simple and the same goes for most European countries, the difficulty I see where you're coming from is if you're are say travelling to USA.

You'd click down to USA and see a lot of teams, many may not add their team name to an event, we can't force them. What I would then do would be go to the the page and here I can search by team name, so if I know I'm going to be or around say California then I can see a party has been planned.

Another option, if you were travelling around party time or any time really is to go to the team page and see if they have events planned.

I do take your point regarding the map, it would be nice. but we don't have anyone working on it.. But I don't believe it limits people in finding an event, there are 3 other clear ways to find an event.

thanks for the feedback