Comment 4 for bug 908957

warmcat (andy-warmcat) wrote :

Okie... after some pondering and trial and error, here's the magic sequence for onboard audio playback confirm, which is working fine on current tilt-android-tracking

tinymix 51 1
tinymix 6 118
tinymix 36 1
tinymix 23 120
tinymix 34 1
tinymix 78 1
tinymix 79 1
tinymix 67 13
tinyplay /system/test48.wav
Playing sample: 2 ch, 48000 hz, 16 bit

HDMI card is there and looking in good state, but I can't test it with current tinyplay.

I think all that's needed is hack in a card number switch to change first param of this

    pcm = pcm_open(0, device, flags, config);

in tinyplay sources, maybe similar deal in tinymix if HDMI volume doesn't default to something reasonable.