Comment 19 for bug 80895

After all the discussion, I'm still not convinced we should do this. However, code speaks the loudest, and I don't want to stand in the way of anyone scratching their own itch. Launchpad is open source and anyone can propose a branch that implements this feature. If someone goes and does the work, and we have an elegant solution that addresses some of my concerns, then we'll certainly consider the proposal. The bugs team itself will not be working on this feature, though.

Also, please keep in mind, Launchpad is not a forum, despite how some users might use this site. :-) The part I work is a bug tracking application. Curtis works on the project and account registry. The answers application is another tool. Then there is translations, code hosting, and so on. While it's certainly nice to consider how techniques work on other sites and how such techniques can be applied to Launchpad, it is also useful to be mindful of how Launchpad differs from those other sites.