Comment 17 for bug 80895

Hi :)

I think the main concern is that these threads are static and may remain easily available for many years after comments have been posted. Most of the dispersal methods are fairly temporary. I know some people do carefully horde treasured email but generally there is an expectation of such things being only temporary.

There seem to be very few forums where editing comments can't be done. There are netiquette guidelines about when is not really acceptable to edit and generally people seem to behave fairly sensibly. Hmm, looks like i am beginning to argue the OpenSource philosophy.

Almost every other forum i have seen lately allows people to edit, so Launchpad is beginning to look a bit dated. A preview feature is really not what we are looking for here.

With ZdNet i get mailed a comment and then when i look at the page i may find it has been completely edited and i think people are already quite used to this sort of thing. It feels a bit like people are trying to re-invent the wheel here & Launchpad is still trying to play around with square wheels

Regard from
Tom :)