Comment 0 for bug 80895

Occasionally in bug reports, people stuff up and make comments that are bad. They're factually wrong, or they're horribly misworded, or they insult someone badly, or a combination of those. To some extent the damage can be repaired in a later comment, but that's even more noise. So it would be really nifty if people could edit or delete their comments.

This wouldn't be effective if we were sending out immediate e-mail notifications of each comment, but we're not. We're already waiting for five minutes after the comment, in case something else happens so that we can send a batched notification. So we can give someone that five minutes to edit/delete their comment. If it was edited, the mail notification would contain only the final version; if it was deleted, there would be no notification at all.

While this would lead to more harmonious discussions, it would also need thorough specification of the corner cases. For example:
- If someone tries to submit an edit/deletion after the five minutes, they should get an error, with their edited text (if any) pre-filled as the basis of a new comment.
- If a comment changes or is deleted between the time someone else opens the bug report and the time they submit their own comment, Launchpad should warn them and give them a chance to adjust their own comment in response.