Comment 2 for bug 490148

Matt Giuca (mgiuca) wrote :

Thanks for your reply Curtis,

Well, if it's by design that the "Other" field is still displayed even if Other checkbox is unchecked, then the text field *should* be visible on the Edit page even if the Other checkbox is unchecked. If it's intended to be used the way you say (for additional information), then the text box does not belong to the "Other" license types, it is a separate field on the project page.

At present, if I wish to add additional information about licensing, I have to go to edit, check "Other/Open Source", type the extra information, and then uncheck "Other/Open Source" again.

In another use case (which is how I discovered the bug), I can see additional information about licensing on the project page, but if I click Edit, there is absolutely no way for me to see or edit the text field. I have to try checking every box on the page to discover that I had to check "Other/Open Source" to bring the text field up.

I think this definitely qualifies as confusing UI.