Comment 36 for bug 392887

Felix Lechner (felix.lechner) wrote :

After reading Julian's comment #35, I fear that my deleted PPAs will remain grayed out and block the names forever.

Being relatively new to Launchpad, I uploaded like crazy to my PPAs 'linphone' and 'linphone-snapshots' to experiment. Then I deleted both them in hope of recreating them fresh and empty. Unfortunately, it looks like the delete button is a bit of a misnomer. If the deleted PPAs are not going away. Is there a way I can reactivate them to reuse the names?

The PPAs are intended for publication. I would like to use the names again.

I have no problem using the old ones. I was just trying to get rid of junk on Launchpad servers, such as multiple orig.tar.gz submissions.

This is, a feature request for an 'undelete' button, I suppose---given the constrains outlined by Julian in comment #35.