Comment 2 for bug 392887

Do we want to actually delete a PPA? Could we not instead disassociate a PPA from a team/person. That is, if it is deactivated, could we simply not list it on the person/team pages, but still leave the url traversal there? That would be quite an easy fix and might meet most peoples needs (It seems that most people requesting PPA deletion/deactivation are really just keen for it to not appear as one of their PPAs).

<ripps> Is there going to be the possibility to delete ppa's in the future?
<noodles775> ripps: afaiui, we'd always want to keep a history of the publishing (like any other publishing system). Why do you want to delete the history of an old PPA?
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<ripps> noodles775: I was considering creating a seperate ppa for testing new libmpdclient2 apps, but once they've hit fullsteam, I wanted to move the packages to their respected primary ppas
<ripps> I suppose I should just use my personal staging ppa for that.
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<ripps> It seems unneccsary to have an empty ppa in my teams page
<noodles775> ripps: yeah, either way that'd be fine, but I still don't see why you'd need or want to delete the history of publishing to that test ppa.
<noodles775> ripps: right
<noodles775> ripps: so perhaps we should investigate the ability to dis-associate a ppa with a team/person.
<ripps> noodles775: actually, yes. That probably be better
<noodles775> ripps: great. I'll see if there's already a bug, if not I'll file it.
<ripps> noodles775: thanks :)
<ripps> noodles775: Oh, I have an even better question, if I could indeed disassciate a ppa from my team, could I make the leftover address of that old ppa forward to a new one. It seems I might need to merge 2 ppas in the near future.