Comment 3 for bug 275938

But then what is the point of having the 25-entry log at all?

IOW, if Karma is not to be an audit trail, then it shouldn't show an audit trail :-). But if it is going to show something that looks like an audit trail, that trail could at least be useful in the ways users would expect -- namely, by each entry linking to what it refers to.

IRC conversation between Stu and me just now:


  <kfogel> There's some recent activity there, but none of it gives
               details or links.

  <kfogel> It says "Bug Comment Added 2009-02-18 12:25:36 EST 21
               hours ago" but doesn't say which bug/comment. It's odd
               that we'd give such detailed information but leave out
               the key detail.

  <stub> kfogel: Lots of people want the Karma system to be an
               audit trail, but it isn't going to be one. It might be a
               reason to develop one though (separate from Karma)

  <kfogel> stub: agree that it's not necessary for karma to be an
               audit trail, but then it probably shouldn't include an
               audit trail on the karma page :-).

  <stub> kfogel: +1 :)

  <stub> I think whoever wrote that page wanted it to be an audit
               trail too ;)