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Bug #1506236: zim plugin does not support updated format of notebooks.list Undecided New 142 weeks

From: Simon
Link: kupfer_plugin_zim.patch


Bug #1394152: kupfer doesn't follow symlinks when saving the configuration file Undecided New 227 weeks

From: Benjamin Albrecht
Link: follow_symlinks.patch

follow symlinks when saving kupfer.cfg

Bug #1239911: Kupfer doesn't save learned rankings between user sessions Undecided Fix Committed 283 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-session-support-Mate-session-manager.patch


Bug #1178636: invalid encoding definition Undecided Fix Committed 307 weeks

From: OKANO Takayoshi
Link: patch-kupfer-encoding


Bug #1170833: wrong utf-8 header Undecided Fix Committed 310 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-fix-wrong-encoding-for-rhytmbox-session_gnome-files.patch


Bug #1093128: Kupfer make wrong understanding of "OnlyShowIn" attribute in .desktop file Undecided Fix Committed 325 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-aplications-add-universal-desktop-environment-for-sh.patch


Bug #1089347: Kupfer preferences window does not launch with broken desktop files Undecided Fix Committed 328 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-preferences-prevent-Kupfer-crashing-on-broken-.deskt.patch


Bug #1082469: top plugin does not work for locales not using dot as decimal point Undecided Fix Committed 331 weeks

From: Luca Falavigna
Link: 0002-plugin-top-fix-for-locales-not-using-dot-as-decimal-point.patch


Bug #1082467: tracker-search-tool replaced by tracker-needle Undecided New 331 weeks

From: Luca Falavigna
Link: 0001-tracker-plugin-spawn-tracker-needle-if-installed.patch


Bug #1038434: crashed with SIGSEGV Undecided Fix Committed 331 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-dbus-fix-problem-with-crashing-kupfer.patch


Bug #1066242: Kupfer diplaced after dual monitor setup Undecided Confirmed 336 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-ui-workaround-for-some-problem-with-display-window-u.patch


Bug #790121: Can't play or enqueque song with rhythmbox Undecided In Progress 336 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-rhythmbox-use-dbus-to-control-rhythmbox-and-load-lib.patch


Bug #788713: log out, shut down don't work in GNOME 3 Undecided Fix Committed 336 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-session_gnome-support-Gnome3-for-logoff-shutdown-act.patch


Bug #799332: 'Search the Web' plugin doesn't find all Firefox search plugins Undecided Fix Committed 336 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-websearch-find-all-search-plugin-from-firefox-icewea.patch


Bug #1056686: gmail plugin forgets keywords Undecided Fix Committed 339 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-plugin_support-fix-problems-with-save-passwords-in-k.patch


Bug #1014378: getting things gnome plugin doesn't execute actions Undecided Fix Committed 344 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0002-gtg-workaround-for-broken-GetTasks-method-in-GTG-DBU.patch


Bug #1014502: Kupfer doesn't launch - AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'uses_fragment' Undecided Fix Committed 353 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: kupfer-urlparse.patch


Bug #841867: Preference window of kupfer doesn't open Undecided In Progress 394 weeks

From: David Schneider
Link: 0001-Added-check-for-no-alternatives-when-getting-setting.patch

Avoids getting the value if the key doesn't exist.

Bug #785963: preferences 'Plugins' tab checkboxes don't update the sidebar on keyboard activation Undecided Fix Committed 410 weeks

From: Joseph Lansdowne
Link: patch


Bug #770424: In the three-leaf mode the width of the search results dropdown list doesn't match the main window width. Undecided New 413 weeks

From: Vlad Glushchuk
Link: 0001-Make-the-dropdown-list-match-the-main-window-width.patch


Bug #588516: Calc plugin could autodetect simbols Wishlist New 454 weeks

From: William Friesen
Link: 0001-calculator-Calculate-action-now-valid-for-other-math.patch


Bug #509389: Sort plugins by categories in the preferences window Wishlist Confirmed 477 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: up_preferences-tags-master_head.patch


Bug #502328: Window focus issue Wishlist New 478 weeks

From: Karol Będkowski
Link: 0001-ui.browser-keep-keyboard-focus-even-main-window-lost.patch


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