Comment 2 for bug 336503

Hi Jonathan. Basically, we needed a way to get to the screens for
updating an attachment. In KARL2, attachments weren't stored in the
blog entry/comment. They were stored somewhat magically in the FILES
tool, with somewhat magical references from the blog entry/comment.

This meant, though, that the FILES tool provided a way to navigate to
the attachment if you needed to see the actions menu and operate on it.

We needed the same thing. But attachments aren't magically stored in
FILES in KARL3, they are inside the thing that it is attached to. I
thought to leverage the blog concept of the permalink.


On Mar 6, 2009, at 5:26 PM, Jonathan Hooper wrote:

> Looks good, can you explain this one a bit:
> The attachment URLs in the show blog entry and show blog comment
> screens
> go directly to downloading the file. Thus, also provide a URL to get
> to
> the View File screen via a # that serves as a permalink hyperlink.
> Its a great idea, I just need some clarification...
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