Comment 4 for bug 1460904

XiongZhang (xiong-y-zhang) wrote :

Xsaves is enabled in v4.8 kernel again with the following patches:
b8be15d x86/fpu/xstate: Re-enable XSAVES
35ac2d7 x86/fpu/xstate: Fix fpstate_init() for XRSTORS
5060b91 x86/fpu/xstate: Return NULL for disabled xstate component address
1fc2b67 x86/fpu/xstate: Fix __fpu_restore_sig() for XSAVES
ac73b27 x86/fpu/xstate: Fix xstate_offsets, xstate_sizes for non-extended xstates
996952e x86/fpu/xstate: Fix XSTATE component offset print out
91c3dba x86/fpu/xstate: Fix PTRACE frames for XSAVES
1499ce2 x86/fpu/xstate: Fix supervisor xstate component offset
03482e0 x86/fpu/xstate: Align xstate components according to CPUID
99aa22d x86/fpu/xstate: Copy xstate registers directly to the signal frame when compacted format is in use
7d93706 x86/fpu/xstate: Keep init_fpstate.xsave.header.xfeatures as zero for init optimization
bf15a8c x86/fpu/xstate: Rename 'xstate_size' to 'fpu_kernel_xstate_size', to distinguish it from 'fpu_user_xstate_size'
a1141e0 x86/fpu/xstate: Define and use 'fpu_user_xstate_size'