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I see, so that's what that email regarding Launchpad was about. Sorry if I
didn't quite understand that was meant for all of us.

Okay, I'll set up a new report in the coming days. Thanks!

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 2:20 AM, JazzyNico <email address hidden>wrote:

> Hi Arturo,
> Thanks for this new tutorial translation!
> The po file is now on our new doc trunk (
>, revision 379), and the generated
> svg files are in the inkscape trunk (revision 9726) and in the 0.48.x branch
> (revision 9661).
> 0.48 is now out, but you can still work on the 0.48.x branch to improve
> the existing translations (UI and tutorials) before jumping to the trunk
> files and translate the string changes for 0.49. In this case, please
> use the po file located in
> "
> ".
> The trunk po file will be updated with the 0.49 new and modified
> strings, and thus backporting it to 0.48.1 could be a bit difficult.
> Whatever you choose to do, could you please create a new report for the
> 0.48.1 release? This one is marked "Fix released" and can be considered
> closed.
> Again, congratulation for this great work! Your team has really done a
> lot in a very short amount of time.
> --
> Inkscape 0.48 Indonesian (id) translation
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> Status in Inkscape: A Vector Drawing Tool: Fix Released
> Bug description:
> I am sponsoring an effort to complete the Indonesian translation of the
> Inkscape UI, as well as possibly the manual, tutorials and Windows
> installer. Attached please find the latest PO file completed by our lead
> Indonesian translator -- as of 06/21/2010, it currently stands at 499 Fuzzy
> and 4264 untranslated. Our aim is to finish this by the next release
> following version 0.48.
> Also, please note there may be additional Indonesian translation files from
> other contributors, we hope this thread can be used to collect and
> streamline our work in order to provide the most complete translation for
> Indonesian users.
> Thank you.
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