Comment 7 for bug 378669

I shall run it from the cli... Any clue on the missing graphical
elements in the development release?

On May 20, 2009, at 18:49, Alvin Penner <email address hidden> wrote:

> well, I'm at a loss. I am not very familiar with Vista (only
> sufficiently familiar with it to know that I would never knowingly
> or willingly use it on my own computer), but I have a version of
> Inkscape from about a week ago running successfully on Vista. It
> might be worth it to try an installation into the directory C:
> \Program Files\Inkscape\, since this is a more 'normal' location for
> it.
> Also you can sometimes trap interesting error messages or
> warnings by running Inkscape from a DOS prompt using the methods
> outlined at :
> --
> Crashes of Indetermined cause, no backups generated
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