Comment 2 for bug 226355

groomedmonkey (groomedmonkey) wrote :

This looks relevant:,-0.45-startup-problems-on-Leopard-td16141194.html

I must admit that X11 technical stuff is a bit out of my league. If I do come across a solution (Illustrator driving me nuts as my motivation) I'll post here and the wiki but so far no donut.

I have reinstalled the QuartzX thing as the first time it froze when I got logged out at end of install. This time works fine but Inkscape still doesn't load.

I tried rolling back to Inkscape 45-1-2 but that crashes on start so it's not looking too good for Inkscape on Leopard. I'm surprised there isn't more on it - are there people with working installs on Leopard?