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Bug #181364 reported by shawnhcorey on 2008-01-08
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I would like to see the Layers dialog (Layer->Layers... or Shift+Ctrl+L) redone. I would like to see Groups and Objects added to it in a hierarchical tree.

This request is similar to Bug #172222, Bug #170536, and Bug #170849, but more comprehensive.

Simply, the Layers dialog is expanded to include groups and objects as a hierarchical tree.

Multiple selects are allowed via Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click. Please note that selecting a group or layer is NOT the same same selecting every object in a group or layer.

The selection can be made invisible/visible or locked/unlocked.

The selection can be assigned a common label.

The selection can be moved up or down. Moving the selection is the same as Cut/Paste. The selection can be moved to be between other objects, groups, or layers. (See Firefox:Bookmarks->Organize Bookmarks... for inspiration).

Right-clicking on a selection will bring up a menu for: Fill and Stoke..., Object Properties..., Align and Distribute..., and maybe others.

Moving or Cut/Paste or Copy/Paste works the same as File->Import...

You can move the selection into a group (or layer). This is easier than ungrouping, selecting objects, and grouping.

Gradients, patterns, clip, masks, filters can be applied to the selection.

Additional info that the user can display in the dialog: XML ID, inkscape:label. The dialog can be sort by them.

Tom Davidson (tjd-mit) on 2008-01-09
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I think this would be better implemented as an update to the XML tree than the layers dialog. See Bug #181578.

Ryan Lerch (ryanlerch) on 2008-01-14
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status: New → Confirmed
jazzynico (jazzynico) on 2009-09-09
tags: added: ui ui-selection-group-layer
ianp5a (ianp) wrote :

Including objects in the tree has the following benefits as experienced in other vector programs: EG:
- The ability to find and select hidden or difficult to find objects.
- The ability to enter groups and to see which group has been entered due to tree marking
For many graphic designers the XML tree is incomprehensible.

Shane Goodwin (ithacanz) wrote :

I really wouldn't like to see this in the XML editor, as the kind of design tasks that this feature involves are far too frequent. I think they belong in the Layers dialog as per the original poster.

Jeffry Gutierrez (jefrygq) wrote :

i agree, i got to this post because i learned vectors in Illustrator and Coreldraw, i met inkscape and i loved the way it does many things and by now i use it regulary and have left the other programs aside
the only thing that still makes me go back to these other programs is that i cant work with big projects in inkscape due to one little but awkward thing...

The layers dialog is not the best tool when you have lots of layers with lots of objects and groups and you need to select some of them separately or when you need to select or use objects that are difficult to reach like under bigger objects or inside several groups...
when you are in Illustrator you have the layers and in a tree way you can see the groups and objects in the layer and its really usefull as it has a check to make a selection of individual objects in every layer/group the same as in CorelDraw.

I was adviced once to use the XML tree but it is not very intuitive to use specially for a graphic designer like me and even worse for people comming from Adobe's world, and even if ever learn to use it it's not confortable to have an extra window floating on your screen to do better selections on layers when there is already a "Layers" dialog.

I suppose there should be a way to translate the xml tree into somekind of "folders tree like" ui-component as the one in nautilus that is also made with gtk+

Cson (theceason) wrote :

plesase do this

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importance: Wishlist --> medium

See also Layers dialog enhancements with some additional good ideas.

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