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Bug #170605 reported by Przemekl on 2005-02-23
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Jon A. Cruz

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I just planned to start making a patch with layers
manager dialog window when I noticed that such a
feature is planned in the roadmap on the Inkscape
My suggestion is to add such features as:

1. layer state manager ("save current state" / "restore
state from list" commands)
Layer states would be saved with a document. It would
give possibility of different layer sets for editing,
printing, revisions etc. in one drawing with one-click

2. Selection filter (an edit box for entering filtering
It would allow to group layers quickly for switching
on/off or any other operation. Naming layers with
specific prefix or suffix will do the trick. For
example group of layers: [car_body, car_windows,
car_wheels] would be filtered and selected for an
operation by entering "car" in the filter edit box.

3.Visual editing on a list view. Selecting multiple
layers in the list view box, dragging them to change
their order.

P.S. Can I (or anybody) write such suggestions to the
wiki-roadmap, or is it reserved for developers only?

Currently no one is working on a layers dialog, so if you
have a patch, by all means please submit it. Even if it is
just a beginning of such a dialog it will be helpful.

Your suggestions for the dialog make sense.

As for the roadmap wiki, everyone can update it, but it's
not a place for discussion; it just reflects the current
plans of the developers. For discussing the roadmap, use the
devel mailing list.

Przemekl (przemekl) wrote :

I haven't write any piece code for this yet, so now I will
start to make the patch. It will take some time because I'm
not familiar with Inkscape code, and have to learn it. I'll
do my best.

Jon A. Cruz (jon-joncruz) wrote :

See also
[ 1096620 ] layer ease of use: thumbnails, pages/mx groups
[ 1090011 ] layer dialog

Lemasney (lemasney) wrote :

Originator: NO

I really like the ideas suggested here. I really miss the idea of
workspaces that are found in some proprietary vector editors, but I think
that it might be a simple fix for development to add a workspaces feature
where you could choose to show or not show dialogs. It would help you to
avoid having to set up your working dialog set, placement, etc, every time
you try to do something else. It might work like this:

A workspaces menu might have 'Save workspace', 'Edit Workspace' and
'Delete Workspace' options and then a list of saved workspaces. Workspaces
might be saved in an XML file or an extension of preferences.xml.

When saving a workspace, the current state of open dialogs is saved along
with position and size [which are both saved now] and a simple dialog pops
up asking for a name. The name then appears in the workspaces menu. You
could overwrite an existing workspace to update it.

When editing a workspace, a dialog pops up asking which workspace to edit
or allows you to create a new one, the selection of which opens another
dialog with a series of checkboxes for each possible dialog, which you can
click on or off. []Layers []Font and Text []Object Properties and so on.

Deleting a workspace presents you with a dialog showing saved workspaces,
and is followed by a confirmation to delete.

I would love this feature. Inkscape is still great without it, but I miss
this feature.

Changed in inkscape:
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
status: New → Confirmed

And what do we do with this report? :)

Halley (ed-halley) wrote :

My question would be the best place to store this info in the XML. New <def> data or new <g> attributes? I will ponder the UI ramifications of such a feature once I hear more feedback on the appropriate XML storage of this inkscape-only data.

su_v (suv-lp) on 2012-01-29
tags: added: layers selection
removed: ui-dialogs-toolbars

See also : Layers, Groups, & Objects with additional good ideas for layer dialog improvement.

tebi (tebicap) wrote :

Hi all, I hope you understand my english.

 just some ideas..

It would be nice that the layers palette have some buttons to control what is shown (in the tree, no on canvas):
-show/hide objects
-show/hide groups
(It allows to maintain simple or complex view of the tree, depending of user preferences)
-show/hide hidden objects on the tree
-show/hide blocked objects on the tree

There is an Object Manager already, it would be powerful if could fusionate with layers palette.


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