Comment 8 for bug 171886

Bulia: Well, I did try setting characters to super-/subscript (using manual kerning) before marking the request as invalid. I'm not sure what you mean by sub/sup in a SVG context, unless you refer to arguments to baseline-shift, in which case see below.

Tom 1): yes, it's a bother to do all the steps for proper super-/subscript manually, and I agree that it would be nice to have buttons for it. In fact, it might be an idea to post a request for such buttons.

Tom 2): yes, the 'baseline-shift' property doesn't seem to matter in Inkscape's text rendering. It might be an idea to post a bug report about it.

In summary, I think that "Add buttons for super-/subscript text" and "Baseline-shift has no effect" are valid, but "Allow subscript/superscript in strings" *isn't* (nor is the description's assertion that the whole text is affected by style changes).