Comment 9 for bug 973181

D. Wegener (dpwegener) wrote :

I couldn't disagree more with this bug. The session commands (logout, restart, shutdown, etc) definitively belong in the application lens. The whole point of the lens is to provide a single point of entry to the system. You hit super, start typing, and hit enter when you choice becomes the first one in the list.

The rest of this post is going to be pretty much a rant, but that is because of how frustrating the effects of these decisions are on the useability of the system from an experienced users perspective.

You have broken my system yet again. Please, Please, Please pick with a direction and stick with it. I DON'T WANT TO COMPLETELY RELEARN MY WORKFLOW WITH EACH NEW RELEASE. STOP IT.

I have been running a pre-release version of Precise for some time. This behavior just recently changed. This should not be a last minute addition to a Long Term Release. It basically means that if we don't like it, we have not input to get it changed. Another F-U from the Ubuntu Design gods. These changes need to be made available to the community at large well ahead of feature freezes and release candidates.

The initial write up of this bug indicates that some of these commands are available in the HUD. If so, I can't find them. Even if they are available there it means that you have to learn yet another interface to use them. There should not be 15 different interfaces that the user needs to learn to use in order to accomplish things on the system.