Comment 8 for bug 973181

I agree with this 100%! (possibly because I posted the original message to the design list ;-) )

Along with the shutdown/lock scree/restart/logout items being removed, I still believe we should at least hide the system-settings duplicate items by default, or remove them all together. It is just rendundancy for the sake of redundancy to keep them in the applicaiton lens. It was usefull to have the system-settings options in the application menu back in gnome 2 because there was not a system-settings window, but now that we have a system-settings it is just clutter.

Also, having all of the system setting links solely in the system-settings menu intuitively makes a lot of sense, and also is comfortable for people coming from mac/windows with the system preferences/control panel.

I just don't like having it list 90+ applications on what should be a 'freshly' installed system.