Comment 10 for bug 973181

Britt Yazel (bwyazel) wrote :

"The session commands (logout, restart, shutdown, etc) definitively belong in the application lens." Considering the applications lens is used to list applications, there is no possible way that non applications should 'definitively' belong in the applications lens. Now, considering that it seems like your issue is that those items are not listed in the "dash" in general, I suggest you consider filing a bug report or a suggestion on the Design list to get a new category listed for items such as logout, restart, shutdown, etc.

Now, I apologize for perhaps ignorance on my part, but I do not see how not having access to these items via the dash "breaks your system" or your workflow.

"It basically means that if we don't like it, we have not input to get it changed. Another F-U from the Ubuntu Design gods." You do know that you can be a part of the design team and be able to give input into decisions such as this correct? Just because you haven't been voicing your input doesn't mean that the capacity for you to voice your input is not there. Just note when an issue like this arises, such as non applications being listed as applications, arguing for retaining of a flaw in order to not have to adapt to changing software will not get your far.