Comment 11 for bug 1786574

first of all this package seems to have quite some issues in the merges that are done - it doesn't list all remaining changes and the i2c blacklist is one of them.
It comes from like back in 2005 and I agree, it might or is safe to be removed.

Thanks to Stefan Bader for cleaning this up, as the MP linked here has e.g. on changelog entries.
I'd ack to his branch at [1] for Cosmic, is it would be an MP to ack on.

But for the actual sponsoring, as I never really touched kmod before I'd be happy if you'd ask one of the foundations Team that is here this week that touched it recently as they might have extra considerations. OTOH the change really looks right for cosmic IMHO, so if no one responds get back to me.

SRUs of this are quite a different topic for the following reasons:
- if the issues still exists, it might regress somebody due to the SRU then.
- If you can prove that the old issue really does no more exist with e.g. the oldest kernel in Bionic, then it might be done. But you'd have to outline that in detail when completing the SRU template for this bug [2]
Without the prove I'd be concerned and as a SRU member would reject it, so really make sure you
get this documented right.

What makes an SRU even more likely (if there is a regression risk) is that the fix for those affected would be a simple config change, so no one "relies" on this being SRUed to get out of it.