Comment 13 for bug 664300

E.R. Dugundji (e-r-dugundji) wrote :

Addendum to my previous post after experimenting some more:

It seems that the the Graph window does indeed function correctly after clicking on the "Overview" button at the top left in Gephi - even without being able to install the 'DrL' patch.

The preview window still fails, however PDF/SVG export is successful even though the preview window has issues.

I encountered 2 minor additional graphical hiccups while following the Tutorial QuickStart with the LesMiserables data with similar workarounds.

* Tutorial slide 9: The nodes pulldown menu is initially empty. After clicking on the edges tab, the nodes pulldown menu is filled.

* Tutorial slide 32: The PNG screenshot operation causes a graphical error with the Graph window, although the PNG export is successful.
By clicking on the "Preview" button at the top, and then returning to the "Overview" button, the network visualization reappears.
Note however: clicking on the "Preview" tab within the "Overview" layout simply yields the white window.
It seems to be necessary to leave the "Overview" layout and then return to it, in order to get the network visualization back.

For reference, I am attaching an additional series of screenshots showing what happens.

A truly wonderful and amazingly powerful program though! :)
I was so impressed while following the Tutorial.
Many, many thanks for your efforts to make Gephi available to the network community.