Comment 12 for bug 664300

E.R. Dugundji (e-r-dugundji) wrote :

I believe I am experiencing a similar issue as described here with the blank screen.

I successfully installed all available updates from the Gephi Update Center.
However when I tried to install the new available plugin 'DrL' from the Testing provider as described in the reply to Peter Krantz, I got the same issue as Zhigang Wu: "Networking problem in".
Rebooting Gephi unfortunately did not resolve the networking problem to download DrL.

Is the server down? Or has the DrL plugin been removed from this location?
Or do I need to supply manual proxy settings?
When I tried to open the link in a regular browser window, I got a Error 404 - Not Found.

Attached you will find:
1) my log file when I initially tried to open the LesMiserables.gexf test file from the Tutorial.
2) my log file when I was updating Gephi and attempting to download/install 'DrL' from the Testing provider
3) a series of screenshots showing what happens: the Gephi Graph window is simply displaying the previous screen image.

In gephi_graphic-error.gif, you will see my desktop in the Gephi Graph window, after I minimized and then maximized Gephi.

In gephi_graphic-error_contd.gif, you will see the Plugins menu which had been in fact closed after I tried to install 'DrL'. (The 'Available Plugins (1)' tabs indicates 1 remaining plugin, namely 'DrL' which could not be installed due to the networking error.)

OS: Windows Vista 6.0 x86
Java: version: 19.0-b09, Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM, Sun Microsystems Inc.
OpenGL version: 1.5.0 - Build
Vendor: Intel
Renderer: Intel Cantiga