Comment 2 for bug 662488

Hi, thanks for your report

I'm not able to reproduce the exceptions. Did you updated Gephi recently? I've fixed some things that may patch the issues on mixed graphs. Let me know if not.

For the mixed import, there are some things the importer is not able to do:
- When working with mixed graph, you need to put directed='true' as well, though the graph is declared as directed. That could be a possible improvement of the importer, but it's already quite complex.
- Remember different types with parallel edges. In your example, there is a directed and undirected edge between '1' and '2'. This situation was not part of the specifications, so this will just be ignored and the first type may be used only.

I notice an issue on a routine that cleans up undirected edges. It wrongly removes some edges with mixed graphs. I'll fix that.