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Rys Sommefeldt (rys) wrote :

Binary package hint: firefox-3.0

Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 x64

While accessing any web pages, Firefox will hang and not respond to immediate user input, sometimes long enough for the Compiz desaturate plugin to activate and show Firefox as hung. The status bar says that Firefox is waiting for the website to respond (usually an element being downloaded from another website, like the Google Analytics .js, or some Flash, or an image or some other resource, but not always), and user input is queued up. Firefox always comes back after a period of time, and the queued user input is performed. Most of the time Firefox will hang again straight away waiting for the next resource it's downloading, until the webpage is done.

Usually, while downloading page elements, you can still scroll the page or switch to a different tab or activate Firefox's menus, and otherwise use the browser normally.

Not all websites display this behaviour, and it's not repeatable by going to particular websites. Any of them may or may not be affected. Firefox 3.0b4 was fine.

The rest of my system remains perfectly responsive while it happens, and other browsers are fine.