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Same issue :

Using the Gecko API:

Using NPN_Status or JavaScript to updated the status bar works fine until a call to NPN_PostURLNotify is made.
After the post has completed, and called successfully NPP_URLNotify, the status bar displays "Transferring data from x...".

All calls to update the status bar text now fail (NPN_Status is a void function unfortunately). The only thing that will clear the message is reloading the page.


dom.disable_window_status_change is not enabled.
No errors were reported to NPP_URLNotify.


1.The browser is stuck in STATE_TRANSFERRING and repeatedly updating the status bar.
2. NPP_Status is now failing on one of the checks in nsGlobalWindow::SetStatus.
3. Something else not being destroyed.

XPCOM stuff

I was also wondering if there is a way to get the nsIWebBrowerChrome interface in a plug-in. Seems GetChromeForWindow doesn't work, just returns null when given the Active window. With it I might be able to get around the bug.