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Michael Peters (mrpeters) wrote : Re: save funds

Tim and I have discovered that the problem was that we selected "rollover", but didn't select "propagate".

This lead to:

osrfsys.log:open-ils.pcrud 2012-04-09 12:45:48 [ERR :5775:oils_sql.c:2265:1333880709110556] open-ils.pcrud ERROR inserting acq::fund object using query [INSERT INTO (id,org,name,year,currency_type,code,rollover,propagate,active,balance_warning_percent,balance_stop_percent) VALUES (DEFAULT,4,'test fund',2013,'USD','tfund','t','f','t',0,0);]: 0 ERROR: new row for relation "fund" violates check constraint "acq_fund_rollover_implies_propagate"

Easy enough, for someone with access to the logs. Not so easy, however, for the end user who gets no error message at all, just sent back to the initial "Funds" interface.

So, the bug here, is the lack of an error message for this situation.