Comment 0 for bug 1819796

Jason Stephenson (jstephenson) wrote :

Evergreen version: 3.0 to master (20190312)
OpenSRF version: 3.0+ (irrelevant)
Pg version: 9.5+ (irrelevant)
O/S version: Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 (irrelevant)

While looking into an issue that I believe is related to timeouts and our fine generator, I found that the stderr log has thousands of messages just like this:

Caught error from 'run' method: Can't call method "search_where" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/OpenILS/Application/Storage/Publisher/ line 1014.

Looking into the code, I see that it was modified to use a cstore editor from using storage searches back in 2014. The code to use the cstore editor when searchin for booking reservations seem to suffer from a case of the bad copy/paste-o.

Branch coming shortly.