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Bill Erickson (berick) wrote :

Support for grid selector field display pushed:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/berick/lp1812670-ang-grid-selector-fields

From the commit:

* Teach PcrudService how to flesh link fields when a selector is defined on the linked class. This uses a new search/retrieve API flag {fleshSelectors:true}.

* Teach the grid how to render selector values when configured to do so via a new grid component attribute [showLinkSelectors]="true".

* Teach the Angular staff admin page to request linked selectors from pcrud and tell its grid to expect them.

* Adds utility function to IdlService for finding the selector for a given class + field.


Some comments on the implementation... By teaching PcrudService to optionally flesh linked selector fields, instead of teaching the grid to retroactively fetch linked selectors (e.g. inside getRows), we get the functionality we want without adding any additional network calls. It also keeps the nuts and bolts of data retrieval out of the grid.

With the linked branch, all auto-generated admin UI's (ACQ, Booking, Server Admin (Pending), ...) will automatically display link selector fields.