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John Amundson (jamundson) wrote :

I have tested this code on the server set up by Jason Stephenson and consent to signing off on it -
John Amundson, <email address hidden>.

I want to note that this branch may have also fixed bug 1727815. That bug prevented the user from marking serial items as claimed, not published, etc. Prior to the upgrade to 3.0.4 and the installation of this branch, I was not able to update an item's status. I am now able to do so.

As per Kathy's question on deleting issuances. In my testing, when the last item attached to an issuance was deleted, the issuance was also deleted. However, deleting an item did not update the summary statement in the catalog. What is interesting to note, though, is that if another item attached to the subscription is received or reset, the summary method is updated to reflect all the changes. The same thing happens to any attached copy records; deleting the item does not delete the copy record, but the next time an item is received or reset, the copy record is deleted. I'll update the corresponding bugs with these observations, as well.