Comment 23 for bug 257190

With the latest updates today (18-10-2009):

I still have to set my status to Hidden twice. After the first time,
it is changed to Busy, and then to Hidden.

If I change my status from user switcher, it's called
"indicator-applet-session" (Ubuntu -> Set status -> Invisible), the
status is changed to Busy, and does not become Hidden, no matter how
many times set from that menu.

But there's the worst thing: even when Empathy shows it's Hidden, ICQ
USERS ANYWAY SEE MY STATUS AS *BUSY*. If most people are like me,
after trying Empathy in new Ubuntu, they will become mad about this,
because this bug gives a feeling of being absolutely out of control,
and you even have to discover this yourself, because even being out of
control is not quite obvious.