Comment 104 for bug 257190

nUboon2Age (nuboon2age) wrote :

@Sebastian Bacher wrote:

"> How about the Lucid users? Backport? PPA?

What protocol do you have the issue with? Let's try to see how the fix work in maverick then consider lucid but it seems non trivial change for a stable update"

For an LTS there *needs to be a way* for people to upgrade to a fixed functionality. Please make this available as a backport, PPA or *something*. The 'Me Menu' is a major feature of Lucid and very visible on the desktop and right now the availability functions don't work at all in this friends machine i'm working on -- it seems permanently stuck on "available". For some people that is very worrisome because they don't want their IM accounts to say they are 'available' all the time. I can't say to my friend "you're out of luck -- get used to having this broken me menu in your face as long as you stick with Lucid". That's just not okay.