Comment 13 for bug 1596377

Fidtiriadi Hadiman (fid3adi) wrote :

Have the same issue too. On login after boot, it will take a long time for the desktop to load. If logout/login without rebooting/shutdown, the desktop load immediately.

But now the issue gone for me. Did few things but not sure which is the one that help me on the issue. Things I did before it gone;

1. sudo apt-get purge modemmanager (not needed by me)
2. sudo apt-get purge bluez (on desktop, so i dont need it)
3. sudo apt-get purge switchboard-plug-gcc-wacom
4. sudo apt-get purge switchboard-plug-gcc-bluetooth
5. sudo apt-get purge switchboard-plug-parental-controls (not needed too)
6. sudo apt-get install intel-microcode (intel driver. But i don't think this is what fixed the issue)

Did a few apt-get upgrade too in addition to the above before noticing the issue is gone.